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Land for Public Purpose Grant

Financial support from the City's Land for Public Purpose Trust Fund is available to community groups within the City of Saint John whose project aims to develop a public space for the recreational enjoyment and use of citizens.

The maximum eligible funding from the LPP Trust Fund will be based on the project/park classification, and will be limited to:

  • local: up to $5000;
  • community: up to $10,000
  • City or regional: up to $50,000.

The funding limit is inclusive of all phases of a project. LPP funds shall not exceed more than 50% of the project cost. Please read the attached LPP Trust Fund Policy for complete details on funding criteria and eligible projects.

Applications for financial support must be submitted April 30 or October 31 each year as applications are processed bi-annually.
To assist in processing your application, please ensure your request includes at least the following information:

  • Your application clearly states you are seeking contributions from the LPP Trust Fund (i.e. place in subject line of letter or e-mail);
  • Your name and contact information as well as name and contact information of the community group you are representing;
  • Description of your proposed project, location, planned timelines, and project cost estimate;
  • Amount of project funding requested from the Land for Public Purposes (LPP) Trust Fund and any plans in place to seek additional project funding;
  • How your project aligns with the City’s Policy on Use of LPP Funds, City’s Parks & Recreation Strategic Plan, and the City’s Municipal Plan, and;
  • Confirmation your community group will assume responsibility for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the completed project.
  • Funding reserved for the Land for Public Purpose Trust Fund, (LPP), is dependent on money gained in the subdivision process through the Community Planning Act and the Municipal Sub-division By Law.

Visit the Open Data Platform to view a map displaying all land conveyed to the City for public purposes.