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Strategic Plan

Note: The Content Team is working to update this information. Thank you for your interest and patience.

The City of Saint John is developing a 10-Year Strategic Plan. The plan will identify a renewed vision for the City and a new set of long-term goals that will move our community forward in achieving its vision. It will serve as a management tool to improve the City’s performance and align with existing plans, including the Long-term Financial Plan, PlanSJ, and MoveSJ.

To help guide this process, the City of Saint John has established a Strategic Plan Steering Committee. The Committee includes seven members -- two members of Common Council, the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Chair of the Growth Committee, and three members of the public chosen through an application process through nominating committee.

While a Staff Working Group will be responsible for the project deliverables, the Steering Committee will lead engagement and guide the Staff Working Group in the strategic planning process. The Committee’s primary functions will be to:
-    Review output of Staff Working Group
-    Provide guidance and direction
-    Approve Guiding Principles
-    Recommend strategic planning policy to Council
-    Review public engagement
-    Recommend completed Plan to Council

The final 10-year Strategic Plan is scheduled to be completed and presented to Saint John Common Council for approval by the end of 2021.


Strategic Plan Steering Committee Members                                       

Committee Chair Don Darling (Mayor and Growth Committee Chair)
Committee Vice Chair Donna Reardon (Councillor)
Committee Vice Chair Morgan Lanigan (Community)
  Blake Armstrong (Councillor)
  Nicole Fair  (Community)
  David Merrithew (Councillor and Finance Committee Chair)      
  Carrie Tenasichuk (Community)

For further information about the project, please contact