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Deer Management Program

*** The Nuisance Deer Program is currently suspended for 2023. ***

This form is for landowners who live within the delineated nuisance deer management program area only, who wish to have their properties assessed by the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development for nuisance deer harvesting permits.

Each property that has applied will be assessed by the provincial department to ensure public safety. Should the landowner be successful in receiving nuisance deer tag(s), he/she will be given an overview of the property with allowable hunting areas. Only those properties that have applied for the Nuisance Deer Management Program, and have received tags for deer from the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development, are eligible for bow hunting. Landowners can choose to hunt themselves or allow other hunters to use those tags. The City of Saint John has a list available of licensed bow hunters who are interested in participating in the program.

The nuisance deer hunt will take place only during the regular bow hunting season.

Landowner Request Form