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Industrial, Institutional or Commercial Property

Complete the submission package below and submit to or in person at the One-Stop Development Shop, 15 Market Square, ground floor, City Hall.


NEW - As of January 1, 2023, the City of Saint John is requiring Commitment and Confirmation of Completion Forms for construction projects falling under the National Building Code Part 3 unless the value of work is less than $25,000.00 and does not pertain to structural modifications, exiting, fire separation or life-safety. Construction projects can include new construction, renovations, alterations, additions, infills or increases of floor areas, installations or alterations to life-safety systems (such as fire alarms or sprinkler systems), or changes of the occupancy type.

The National Building Code Part 3 applies to all assembly occupancies such as restaurants, libraries, theatres and arenas and all care and treatment facilities.  It also applies to all buildings over 3 stories or over 600 square metres where uses contain residential occupancies, commercial occupancies, including business/personal services or mercantile, or medium and low hazard industrial uses.  It may also apply to any building that combines these uses.

“A” Owner’s Commitment Forms

Form A Confirmation of Commitment by Owner/Permit Applicant

A letter of undertaking confirming field review of construction by professionals – It lists all professionals engaged in the project.

Form A-1 Confirmation of Commitment by Owner/Permit Applicant for Fire Protection and Life-Safety Systems Integration testing

Identifies the Integrated Testing Coordinator and confirms their commitment to the project.

“B” Qualified Professional’s Commitment Forms

Form B Field Review Commitment Form (a separate form is required for each discipline)

Confirms the qualified professional’s commitment to conduct field reviews and complete the confirmation of construction field review document (at project end).

Form B-1 Integrated Testing Coordinator Commitment

Confirms the Integrated Testing Coordinator’s commitment to conduct testing as per standard CAN/ULC S1001-11 “Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life-Safety Systems”

“C” End of Project Sign-off Forms

Form C Confirmation of Construction Field Review (a separate form is required for each discipline)

The professional confirms that construction is in general conformance with approved plans/drawings, including any changes made in the field.

Other documentation

*Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life-Safety Systems report is needed for confirmation of S1001 testing at the end of the project.

Should you have questions about your project and if these forms apply, please contact the OneStop Development Shop by email or by phone at (506) 658-4455.