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The Little River Reservoir in Lakewood

Forest Hills/Lakewood

Lakewood Heights, Hickey Road, Loch Lomond, Greenwood, Golden Grove

Forested. Family. Lakes.

With winding walkable suburban streets, lots of sports fields, and no shortage of shopping options, this is an easy place for families to call home. With countless hiking trails through the back woods, lakes to explore, and the beach at the Little River Reservoir, it’s also an easy place to be active in nature. A somewhat spread-out suburban area, residents here do largely depend on their vehicles. 

When Forest Hills was developed in the mid-50s, on the hills to the south of the Great Marsh, it was promoted as having incredible views of the marshlands. Of course, the Parkway Mall, McAllister Place and East Point Shopping malls now occupy that land.

Many of the homes in Lakewood Heights and Greenwood were built beginning in the early 60s by two brothers, Harold and Eddie McNamara, who lived on Loch Lomond Road. The land was not open farmland, as is often the case with suburban development but instead heavily forested. It took many years for roads to be laid out and for the area to reach its current size. It is still expanding into the woodlands.

The boundaries and data used to define the neighbourhoods in this section are supplied by Statistics Canada as Census Tracts and may not reflect exact local area names and boundaries. Every effort has been made to include as many local names as possible.

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Aerial of Little Lake Reservoir Forest Hills East Water Treatment Plant Lakewood Heights in the winter Little River Reservoir Lakewood Reservoir Paths at Little River Reservoir Water Treatment Plant Aerial Aerial of Lakewood Black lake in Lakewood

Council Representatives

Ward 4

Construction and Maintenance

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Forest Hills Play Ground

Project location: Forest Hills Playground
Limits: Forest Hills
Budget: $435,000

Beautification of Little River Reservoir

Project location: Little River Reservoir
Limits: Little River Reservoir
Budget: $50,000

Sports Fields and Courts

Transit Routes and Stops