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Red Head

Red Head

Anthony’s Cove, Mispec, Harbourview, Simonds 

Spacious. Serene. Sizeable.

This is quite a rural area, with long country roads, spacious house lots, much forested land, and impressive Fundy views. Though the population of Red Head is relatively low, it’s a very large Saint John neighbourhood by landmass. One of the first settlers to the area, H. Anthony, is the name behind Anthony’s Cove, off Red Head Road. He built his home in 1818.

The homes here are almost exclusively single family detached, and generally speaking they're spaced quite far apart on rural roads. Most residents enjoy large lawns, long driveways, and tons of space for the kids to play. Being such a low-density community, a vehicle is a necessity.

This neighbourhood is also home lots of hiking trails, Mispec Beach, and is close to the New Brunswick Community College Grandview Avenue Campus, two industrial parks and the Irving Oil Refinery.

Some interesting history about this community: Red Head is one of the places cartographer Samuel de Champlain named when he explored the Bay of Fundy in 1604. It was, of course, due to the reddish tinge of the clay embankment along the shore. No area of Saint John has more stories of pirate treasure than the Red Head to Mispec coastline.

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Ward 4

Construction and Maintenance

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WWPS WoodlawnPark - Water and Sewer Construction

Project location: WWPS WoodlawnPark
Limits: 1335 Red Head Road
Budget: $625,000

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