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Main Street North

North End

Mount Pleasant, Crescent Valley, Old North End, Spar Cove, Rockwood, Shamrock Park, Portland

Character. History. Urban.

There’s energy and opportunity throughout the North End. A more dense community, it’s very close to uptown, and is full of interesting and unusual places to visit. Restaurants, shops, community centres, and schools are often accessible by transit and by foot, although vehicles are still the easiest way to get around. 

There is a variety of housing available from historic homes, to smaller single family homes to all manner of apartments and parts of this area are undergoing much needed transformation.

Though urban, this community has an enviable amount of parkland, too. Such as Rockwood Park—which, at twenty-two hundred acres, is one of Canada’s largest urban parks. Shamrock Park is a prime active outdoor recreation facility for the city. 

The Mount Pleasant area is considered to be the city’s first suburb. Robert Reed built a castle-like hotel atop Mount Pleasant in 1888, which attracted other businessmen to build opulent homes in the area, and it remains a desirable place to live and visit. Closer to Rockwood Park, large and small single detached houses are the norm.

The “Old North End” was once its own city known as Portland. Until 1889, its commerce was focused on the river, where the riverboats loaded and offloaded goods to and from inland New Brunswick. Today “North enders” enjoy an excellent pedestrian connection to the uptown via Harbour Passage.

The boundaries and data used to define the neighbourhoods in this section are supplied by Statistics Canada as Census Tracts and may not reflect exact local area names and boundaries. Every effort has been made to include as many local names as possible.

Photo Album

Main Street North Victoria Square Old North End Adelaide Street North Douglas Avenue North Clrendon Street North Marble Cove_north Metcalf Street North Durham Street North North end panorama from Fort Howe Snowman in front of the Crescent Valley Resource Centre An aerial of Douglas Avenue looking North Houses on Forth Howe overlooking the city Harbourview High School on Douglas Avenue Houses along Main Street North A panorama of Marble Cove in the North End Mount Pleasant North Aerial of the North end from Saint John Harbour Wooden details on an Adelaide Street building The Old North end Aerial of the Old North end and Shamrock Park Shamrock Park Houses along Victoria Street Aerial view of Wright Street North An autumn walk on the trails Bike trails at Rockwood Skating on Lily lake The greens at Rockwood Park Golf Course Portland area North

Council Representatives

Ward 2

Construction and Maintenance

Start Date:
End Date:
Somerset Street - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Somerset Street
Project limits: Millidge Avenue to Civic 560
Budget: $6,500,000

Somerset Street - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Somerset Street
Project limits: Wellesley Avenue to Barker Street
Budget: $6,500,000

Duncraggan Court - Asphalt Overlay

Project location: Duncraggan Court 
Budget: $300,000

Ravenscliffe Court - Aspahalt Overlay

Project location: Ravenscliffe Court 
Budget: $300,000

Crow's Nest Lane - Asphalt Overlay

Project location: Crow's Nest Lane 
Budget: $300,000

Sandy Point Road - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Sandy Point Road 
Project limits: Jack Street to Civic 595
Budget: $6,500,000

Mount Pleasant Avenue - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Mount Pleasant Avenue
Project limits: Rocky Terrace to Parks Street
Budget: $6,500,000


Kennedy Place - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Kennedy Place 
Project limits: Kennedy Street to Dead End 
Budget: $6,500,000

Bentley Street - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Bentley Street 
Project limits: Douglas Avenue to Chesley Drive 
Budget: $6,500,000

Transit Routes and Stops