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Flag in front of City Hall

Paula Radwan


Paula Radwan was elected to Council in May 2021 as a Ward 4 Councilor for East Saint John. She is married and has a close relationship with her family. She was raised in East Saint John and graduated with her Arts degree from UNBSJ with a major in Psychology, a Minor in International Studies and a concentration in Economics.

She has a background in finance as she worked for one of the large banking institutions for 6 years. She also worked at Horizon Health in Scheduling and Payroll for 9 years. She has been self-employed for the last 10 years where she founded her restaurant, Taste Of Egypt. Since operating her own business, she has become confident in Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and Strategic Business Planning. During her time in business, she has enjoyed mentoring many successful business owners in Saint John.

Paula has sat on the board for Discover Saint John for 2 years and most recently sat on the board for the Saint John Aquatics Center for 2 years.

Her interests include growing Saint John, Municipal Tax reforms, maintaining fiscal responsibility, enhancing parks and recreation and poverty reduction. She loves promoting tourism for the city and has been a part of bringing dozens of newcomers to live in Saint John. Paula has a strong love for Saint John and has a desire to improve the quality of life for its residents.