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Dominion Park West

Milford Randolph

Dominion Park, Milford, Randolph, Greenhead

Natural. Spacious. Falls.

Though the Milford Randolph neighbourhoods look quite rural, they are balanced with access to city conveniences. With many nature trails, Dominion Park, and spacious yards, residents of these neighbourhoods can easily enjoy the great outdoors. 

Much of the homes here were built pre-1960, into the 60s. They share space with many well-known names, such as the Moosehead Brewery, Irving Pulp and Paper and the Reversing Falls, near Wolastoq Park.

The history and character of Milford Randolph is defined by lumber mills and limestone quarries. Until 1936, Milford even had a ferry service that crossed the St. John River in order to connect the mill community with the shops and businesses in the Old North End. 

The boundaries and data used to define the neighbourhoods in this section are supplied by Statistics Canada as Census Tracts and may not reflect exact local area names and boundaries. Every effort has been made to include as many local names as possible.

Photo Album

Basketball courts at Dominion Park Neighbourhood clean up at Dominion Park Homes in the Dominion Park area Kayakers at Dominion Park Irving Pulp and Paper across the Reversing Falls gorge On Greenhead Island St Rose Church at the entrance to Milford Randolph Along the entrance to Greenhead Island The shore of Dominion Park

Council Representatives

Ward 1

Construction and Maintenance

Start Date:
End Date:
Milford Road 3 - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing Including Curb and Sidewalk

Project location: Milford Road 3
Limits: Civic # 136 to Civic # 63
Budget: $6,600,000

Milford Road 2 - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Milford Road 2
Limits: Civic # 412 to Williams Street
Budget: $6,600,000

Milford Road 1 - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing

Project location: Milford Road 1
Limits: Greenhead Road to Civic # 472
Budget: $6,600,000

Greenhead Road - Water and Sewer Construction

Project location: Greenhead Road
Limits: 381 Greenhead Road
Budget: $150,000

Dominion Park Road - Water and Sewer Construction

Project location: Dominion Park Road
Limits: Lift Station A to Gravity Sewer
Budget: $215,000

Dominion Park Rehabilitation

Project location: Dominion Park
Limits: Dominion Park
Budget: $699,000

Transit Routes and Stops