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Jervis Bay Park East

East Saint John/ McAllister

Westmorland Road, East Point, Fernhill, Haymarket Square, Kane’s Corner, Old East Side

Shopping. Playing. Growing.

The city’s prime shopping district is perhaps the heart of what defines the East Saint John/McAllister community. The residents in these neighbourhoods live on winding suburban streets, or in one of the areas apartment complexes—and are all just a short drive (or walk) from Parkway Mall, McAllister Mall, and countless big names in retail. 

But shopping is just one way to pass the time in this community. Schools, sports fields, playgrounds, and plenty of hiking trails are what keep many of the area’s families busy.

The old east side area is also where the city’s shipbuilding and dry dock were located. When they closed in 2003, 126 vessels had been built there.

Westmorland Road is home to Fernhill Cemetery which opened in 1848. This large beautifully treed cemetery is where area residents come to enjoy walking, running and exploring the history of the city. Another interesting historical point on Westmorland Road is Craigie Lea, a palatial red brick house built by Alexander Jardine in the mid 1800s. This was the first home in Saint John to have a full bathroom with running water, and the original bathtub is still in the house.

The boundaries and data used to define the neighbourhoods in this section are supplied by Statistics Canada as Census Tracts and may not reflect exact local area names and boundaries. Every effort has been made to include as many local names as possible.

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Old East side at Bayside Drive Retail East East side retail hero Fernhill Cemetary East Point Mount Pleasant East Houses off McAllister Drive and Loch Lomond Home on Old East side

Council Representatives

Ward 3

Construction and Maintenance

Start Date:
End Date:
One Mile Lift Station - Water and Sewer Construction

Project location: One Mile Lift Station
Limits: Rothesay Avenue at Russell Street
Budget: $7,300,000

Industrial Drive - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing Including Curb

Project location: Industrial Drive
Limits: Grandview Avenue to Dedication Street
Budget: $6,600,000

Dedication Street - Asphalt Maintenance Resurfacing Including Curb

Project location: Dedication Street
Limits: Industrial Drive to Expansion Avenue
Budget: $6,600,000

Transit Routes and Stops